Source Code

The source code for Mapfish Print is available on GitHub: mapfish/mapfish-print.

Please feel free to fork and contribute via pull requests and by creating new issues.


Downloads for the latest version are available as GitHub Releases and GitHub Packages.

Command Line Distribution

The Zip file and the Tar file are Mapfish Print distributed as an application that can be ran from the commandline to execute print jobs. It is useful for debugging print configurations and requests.

Assuming you have Java 7+ installed, the bin/print script will execute a print task. The command line usage can be printed by executing: bin/print -?.

An example of using the application is: bin/print -config config.yaml -spec requestData.json -output out.pdf

Example configuration

A number of example configurations and requests can be found in the Github repository: MapFish Print example. These examples are also used as continuous integration test.

Web Application (WAR) Distribution

The Mapfish Print WAR file is a Java archive that can be ran in any Java Web Application Server like Tomcat or Jetty. To use Mapfish Print as a standalone Web Application you should:

  • Install Java 7 or later
  • Download a Web Application Server
  • Put the Mapfish print WAR file in the webapps directory of the Web Application Server
  • Rename the Mapfish Print WAR file to a more convenient name like print.war (the name will be part of the url)
  • Start the Web Application Server
  • Verify the application is executed correctly by visiting http://localhost:8080/print/index.html. (This assumes that the server is running on localhost port 8080 and you renamed the war to print.war)

Java Library Distribution

The JAR file contains the Mapfish Print code for integrating Mapfish Print into an existing application. It is only the java code with none of the dependent class files, so all dependencies will also need to be downloaded.